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A Step by Step Guide for Starting Charcoal Without Using Lighter Fluid

Barbecue taste can greatly be affected by the lighter fluid one is using to start the charcoal. Lighter fluid usually affect and alter the chemical content of the food one is cooking. The food that was cooked when charcoal was started with lighter fluid has chemicals that sound unfit for the human body when consumed in large quantities. People should try and embrace the local way of starting charcoal without a lighter fluid to avoid such complications. There exists a number of mechanisms available traditionally to achieve this. The methods to use to start charcoal without the use of charcoal fluid are deliberated below.

First, there exists an option of using a starter chimney. Newspapers here are used to make sure the charcoal is lit efficiently. Put some bales of rolled newspapers at the bottom of the chimney. Fix the charcoal pieces in the chimney and allowing the pieces to touch the papers at the bottom of the chimney for faster lighting of the charcoal. Start a flame and set it to all the directions on the grill igniting the charcoals. Relax and when the top appears grey in color, throw the coals into the grills and wait. Open the ventilation for aeration and oxygen circulation for a bigger fire to be set up.

You can also attempt the local way of lighting charcoal by the use of just newspapers to achieve all these. Start by opening the openings then remove all the ashes inside to give more room for enough oxygen supply. This will ensure consistent airflow in the charcoals and provide sufficient oxygen for burning to take place. Place some pieces of newspapers at the halfway point of the grill. Paper lights quickly and this facilitates the charcoal to catch the fire more easily. On top of the newspapers put some sticks with higher flaming points following the papers. Finally, place some pieces of charcoal on top of the sticks previously placed. Fire the grill from all the sides. Keenly observe and add some more pieces of charcoal as time goes and the other ones become grey in color and turn into ashes.

Observe the following measures to sustain the flame. Keep the coals together for a strong flame. Keep growing the number of coal pieces in the grill regularly. Make sure the openings are open to enhancing a brighter flame. Eliminate the ash as soon as it accumulates. Preserve the unused briquets well.

To conclude, starting charcoal without lighter fluid is easy.

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