Facts About Dental History And Modern Procedures

Dental history denotes techniques and practices that were used centuries ago and are still used today. While the services were primitive in the beginning, technological advancements have improved the way dental professionals treat patients. The measures created lifetimes ago show modern-day dentists how to correct damage and restore patients’ smiles. Learning more about historical facts about the dental industry shows dentists and patients how dentistry has evolved over the ages.

Dental X-Ray Services

Dental x-ray services started in 1896. Today, the x-rays help dental professionals assess tooth issues. X-raying the teeth and gums shows the dentist where the problem originated. The dental professional determines which procedures are best to treat the condition. They can also establish whether the tooth should be extracted instead of performing repairs. X-rays also guide dental surgeons when reviewing teeth prior to oral surgery.

Orthodontics Schools and Services

The first orthodontic school was established by Edward H. Angle in 1901. The school followed the same classification for alignment issues established in the 1800s. Today, orthodontists provide several methods for correcting tooth alignment. Patients receive metal, ceramic, or Invisalign braces through orthodontists. The dental professionals acquire a mold of the patient’s teeth for the Invisalign braces.

Wartime Dental Professionals

According to historical facts, the first U.S. dental professional, John Baker, trained Paul Revere. The famous historical figure learned how to provide dental services during the war. His training allowed him to manage dental repairs and extractions in the field.

The First Toothpaste

Dental hygiene product giant Colgate released the company’s first mass-produced toothpaste in 1873. Dental professionals everywhere offer advice about dental hygiene products to patients. In fact, pediatric dentists give toothpaste and toothbrushes to kids after each annual checkup.

The First Dental Practitioner

In dental history, all dental professionals learn about Hesy-Re, who was the first dental practitioner. Hesy-Re performed dental services in Egypt around 2600 BC. Archaeological discoveries have shown devices and techniques used by Hesy-Re.

Dental history highlights the creation of practices and techniques used today. The historical data about the services shows how technology has changed the way dentists treat patients. Dental professionals and patients who wish to learn more about the practices are encouraged to read more articles now.