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Facts About Dental History And Modern Procedures

Dental history denotes techniques and practices that were used centuries ago and are still used today. While the services were primitive in the beginning, technological advancements have improved the way dental professionals treat patients. The measures created lifetimes ago show modern-day dentists how to correct damage and restore patients’ smiles. Learning more about historical facts about the dental industry shows dentists and patients how dentistry has evolved over the ages.

Dental X-Ray Services

Dental x-ray services started in 1896. Today, the x-rays help dental professionals assess tooth issues. X-raying the teeth and gums shows the dentist where the problem originated. The dental professional determines which procedures are best to treat the condition. They can also establish whether the tooth should be extracted instead of performing repairs. X-rays also guide dental surgeons when reviewing teeth prior to oral surgery.

Orthodontics Schools and Services

The first orthodontic school was established by Edward H. Angle in 1901. The school followed the same classification for alignment issues established in the 1800s. Today, orthodontists provide several methods for correcting tooth alignment. Patients receive metal, ceramic, or Invisalign braces through orthodontists. The dental professionals acquire a mold of the patient’s teeth for the Invisalign braces.

Wartime Dental Professionals

According to historical facts, the first U.S. dental professional, John Baker, trained Paul Revere. The famous historical figure learned how to provide dental services during the war. His training allowed him to manage dental repairs and extractions in the field.

The First Toothpaste

Dental hygiene product giant Colgate released the company’s first mass-produced toothpaste in 1873. Dental professionals everywhere offer advice about dental hygiene products to patients. In fact, pediatric dentists give toothpaste and toothbrushes to kids after each annual checkup.

The First Dental Practitioner

In dental history, all dental professionals learn about Hesy-Re, who was the first dental practitioner. Hesy-Re performed dental services in Egypt around 2600 BC. Archaeological discoveries have shown devices and techniques used by Hesy-Re.

Dental history highlights the creation of practices and techniques used today. The historical data about the services shows how technology has changed the way dentists treat patients. Dental professionals and patients who wish to learn more about the practices are encouraged to read more articles now.

Remember This Great SaveDelete Article: Benefits Of Face And Eye Surgery

There are tons of benefits to seeking facial cosmetic surgery procedures. These procedures can dramatically improve a person’s appearance. Thankfully, cosmetic procedures are less invasive and safer than ever before. Those who are considering cosmetic surgery need to learn as much as possible about the procedure benefits before they decide. Read this great SaveDelete article: Benefits Of Face And Eye Surgery to learn more.

The Many Benefits of Facelifts and Eye Procedures

Most people have a few cosmetic flaws they wish they could overcome. Although makeup covers a lot of problems, it cannot fully camouflage premature signs of aging. Thankfully, there are cosmetic procedures that can help people to turn back the hands of the clock, so they look younger and more vibrant. The following offers insight into the many benefits of these procedures.

  • The amount of self-confidence these procedures offer is one of the biggest reasons people seek cosmetic procedures. When individuals are able to get rid of their premature aging signs, their confidence soars which can positively affect every area of their life.
  • Individuals will find these procedures offer more natural results than ever before. Although the results are dramatic, they are kept at a natural level so the individual still looks like themselves.
  • Another benefit of these procedures is increased muscle tone in the face so lines and sagging are less likely to occur. When the face loses muscle tone, the facial tissues can begin to sag and make a person look much older.
  • Many choose these cosmetic procedures because of lasting results. When a person has a facelift, the results can last up to fifteen years. A cosmetic procedure is an investment that pays off for many years to come.

Get Started Today

If you are tired of looking older than you are and would like to overcome the premature signs of aging, call to schedule a consultation appointment. With a facelift and eye procedure, you can look younger and more vibrant, so your confidence soars. Call today to get started. Be prepared for your consultation by writing down any questions you might have about the procedure.

Signs You May Have a Cavity?

When individuals neglect the health of their smile, they can end up suffering from cavities that can lead to serious damages. Aside from brushing and flossing, one of the most important things a person can do for the health of their smile is to make sure they see the dentist on a regular basis. Knowing the signs of cavities is important so an individual will know when they need to seek care.

Signs of Cavities

It is important individuals are able to recognize the signs of cavities so they will know when to seek dental care. Prompt dental care is a must when a cavity erupts or else continued damage will occur that could result in a tooth no longer being viable. The following are some of the signs that may be noticed when a cavity is present.

  • Discolorations on the teeth could mean cavities are present. White or dark spots should not be ignored since these can both signal cavities. If an individual notices these spots, they need to be seen by the dentists in Sterling VA.
  • Pain is one of the first signs people notice, but this generally does not occur until the tooth has been compromised. If a person waits to see the dentist until pain strikes, damage has already likely been done.
  • Increased sensitivity is a hallmark sign of cavities in the teeth. If the tooth experiences sensitivity when biting down or when eating sweets, the individual needs to see their dentist right away.
  • Redness and irritation in the gum tissue around the tooth can also be caused by a cavity. When a cavity becomes severe, it can cause infections in the gum tissue or at least lead to inflammation.
  • Bad breath can also be a sign of cavities. When a person’s breath is foul, this can be caused by decay and infection. This sign should not be ignored because it could mean serious oral health issues are occurring.

Schedule an Appointment

If you are dealing with any of the above signs, it is imperative you seek dental treatment right away. Call the office today so your appointment can be scheduled.

Have You Read A Complete Guide to Reversing All Signs of Aging by Fashion Cluba?

Most people do not want to grow old gracefully. Today, people are living longer than ever before and they do not want to look their age. Thankfully, there are steps individuals can take to make themselves look and feel younger. Now, there are more cosmetic procedures available than ever before. Those who have never read A Complete Guide to Reversing All Signs of Aging by Fashion Cluba need to check it out right away. With this information, individuals will be able to overcome the signs of aging and improve their appearance.

What Is a Facelift?

Most people have at least heard the term facelift but they may not be aware of what this procedure truly involves. A facelift is a surgical procedure that is carried out while the individual is under general anesthesia. The procedure works to reduce sagging skin and remove wrinkles, along with excess fat. Most people who go through this procedure also have a neck lift to ensure their entire face and neck look more youthful.

Facelift surgeons are artists that sculpt the underlying tissues of the face. These surgeons work to remove excess fat and skin and tone the tissues underneath the skin. The result is much smoother and more toned skin than ever before. Gone will be the jowls and sagging skin that make a person look older and less vibrant.

With today’s procedures, the healing time has been greatly reduced. With less invasion into the tissues, healing times are much faster and individuals can get back to their normal lives in a short amount of time.

What About Recovery?

Most people are able to recover with very little discomfort. Following the advice of the surgeon will help ensure the healing process proceeds normally. If a person follows the instructions, they will get better results and will not have to deal with unwanted complications.

If you are tired of looking older than you actually are, there is help available. Call the office today and they will be happy to schedule your consultation appointment for a facelift. With this procedure, you can say goodbye to lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin.

Discover A Modern Facelift For Rejuventating Your Facial Skin Area

One of the most effective ways of rejuventating your facial skin area is a face or neck lift. It is one of the most popular ways to decrease the signs of aging and the results do not compare to any other type of beauty or anti-aging treatment. Modern procedures offer life-changing results and the information below will explain more about the overall benefits of facelifts and neck lifts.

Redefine the Appearance of the Neck.

A neck lift has countless cosmetic benefits and it helps the entire face to appear younger. One of the biggest results of a modern-day neck lift is the chance to create contours for the jawline and chin. The tightening of the skin helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and enhances the entire face.

Diminished Creases and Deep Lines.

Deep lines and creases often form near the neck as part of the aging process. The loss of volume in the skin makes the face look very tired and worn down. A facelift will help to restore overall volume to the skin and helps patients to look naturally younger.

Discover Access to Natural-Looking Results.

It is vital to discuss options with medical experts who have experience with providing natural-looking results. Choose to work with a doctor who is focused on maintaining natural facial features while enhancing a youthful glow to the skin on the face. It is possible to experience excellent results from a facelift that will appear to be a result of plenty of rest and a healthy lifestyle.

Reduce Excess Skin From the Neck.

Once excess skin is removed from the neck, the results are smoother skin that improves the overall appearance of the face. Tightening of the muscles in the neck is an excellent anti-aging solution and also leads to the appearance of weight loss. A neck lift is often completed with minimal scarring and a very short recovery period.

Improve self-confidence today by learning more about the anti-aging benefits of a face or neck lift. If the skin around the neck is causing problems and making the face look older, it is time to learn more about the effective solutions of a neck or facelift.

Check Out This Really Good Article By Fashion Cluba on Taking Care of Your Skin

Many people do not know how to properly care for their skin and end up causing damage because of their lack of knowledge. There are many things individuals can do to make sure their skin stays healthy. Those who have never checked it out before should read the really good article by Fashion Cluba on taking care of your skin. With this information, individuals can learn how they should take care of their skin so it will be glowing and healthy.

How to Care for Your Skin

Those who truly want to care for their skin need to start with what they put in their body. The skin is the largest organ in the body so it stands to reason it will begin to show damage when the health of the individual is not in order. Eating a healthy diet that is low on sugar and processed foods will go a long way towards improving the health of the skin. In addition to the right diet, it is also essential individuals drink copious amounts of water. Water is necessary for keeping the skin healthy. When individuals are dehydrated, their lines and wrinkles will show more. The following are some steps that can help individuals further care for their skin.

  • Believe it or not, exercise plays a big role in skin health. With exercise, the body’s circulation system will work more effectively, delivering oxygen and nutrients to the cells so cellular repair is occurring as it should.
  • Those who wear makeup need to make sure they remove it before going to bed. Sleeping with makeup on might now seem like a big deal but it can be. If the skin is covered in makeup, it cannot properly breathe through the night and clogged pores can result.
  • The right sun protection is essential for healthy skin. If the skin is not protected from the sun, it can begin to develop hyperpigmentation, cellular damage, and increased signs of aging. A high SPF lotion needs to be worn at all times for the best protection.

Learn More Today

Check out the article and you can learn some more tips about caring for your skin. With proper treatment, your skin will glow.

Benefits of Rejuvenating Your Facial Skin Area With Surgery

While there is something to be said for aging with grace, that does not have to mean living with an unattractive appearance. Humans’ sense of self confidence is closely tied to the way the rest of the world sees them and changing from attractive to haggard can take a psychological toll. Fortunately, doctors are able to step in and provide solutions such as rejuventating your facial skin area through surgery. The finest plastic surgeons include neck lifts in facial procedures. They will repair underlying facial problems and improve the skin’s appearance.

The Best Doctors Include Neck Lifts in Facial Rejuvenation

The term, “face lift” suggests a procedure that improves facial features only. In fact, the finest plastic surgeons also rejuvenate patients’ neck areas. That is because the neck ages along with the facial skin and muscle. Simply improving the face and leaving a loose, old-looking neck would be unattractive. With that in mind, a complete procedure involves repairing areas under the skin and leaving the entire face/neck area looking years younger.

Surgery Can Re-sculpt Lost Muscle

During face and neck procedures top-notch surgeons do much more than just cut away saggy skin and then pull it tight over bone and tissue. They re-position underlying tissues and generally perform jowl liposuction as well as a lateral and central platysmaplasty. Surgeons pay close attention to creating the best possible facial shape. Only when they are satisfied do they carefully drape skin to achieve the most beautiful effect. Excess skin is then trimmed.

A Younger Appearance Boosts Self Esteem

While some people view facial rejuvenation procedures as pure vanity, the surgeries can improve patients’ sense of well-being. Over time the gradual loss of muscle tone, combined with drooping skin and the appearance of jowls, erodes self-confidence. These problems not only impact the self-esteem of older adults, they can appear in those who are middle-aged and still in the workforce. It can be hard for them to meet the public without confidence and a refreshed, attractive appearance. Plastic surgery provides these benefits in a very short time.

Today millions of people are having neck and face lifts that turn back the clock. The best surgeons carefully restore facial shapes and improve the neck and skin shape to reverse signs of aging and improve patients’ sense of well-being.

Understanding Fat Reduction With CoolSculpting

Experts say that fat reduction with CoolSculpting is a non-invasive shaping procedure that involves the stubborn fat being frozen and then naturally broken down by the body. As a result, in the weeks and months after treatment, the corresponding fatty areas are gradually reduced without surgery. This treatment allows not only the hips, belly, back, and thighs to be reshaped, but also the annoying “love handles.”

Mostly there is a genetic predisposition to these fatty deposits, whereby the person’s fat cannot be decreased by exercise and dieting. Thanks to CoolSculpting, which returns the body back to a normal shape, targeting the fat cells is easier than ever.


  • No spraying
  • No special diet
  • No dietary supplements
  • No surgery
  • No use of scalpels, liposuction cannulas, or needles
  • The skin remains intact

After the treatment, patients can resume their normal activity immediately. And better yet, there is a short or possibly no recovery time.

How does the treatment work?

A non-invasive applicator is placed on the skin to precisely and controllably cool the fat cells at certain parts of the body until they are frozen. Then they are destroyed by massaging the area. As fat reacts more sensitively to cold, neither the surrounding tissue nor the muscles are affected.

In the following weeks, the body will naturally begin to eliminate the dead fat cells, resulting in a general reduction of the fat layer. Some side effects can occur like nerve pain, sensory disturbances (which then disappear), and hematomas (also called bruising). After the treatment, you must wait about two weeks to exercise or play sports.

How many treatments are necessary?

In most cases, the person will see a reduction in adipose tissue after their treatment. However, they may wish for further reductions requiring additional treatments. The patient will feel a slight pulling and intense cold in the beginning, but these side effects soon subside.

After the treatment, you may feel slight irritation of the treated areas. This is a normal reaction, so you do not have to worry. After a few hours or days, it disappears. Remember that CoolSculpting is the most convenient and efficient method of fat removal.

What To Know About Getting A Facelift: 3 Important Facts

As people begin to notice physical aging, they may feel that their outward appearance no longer matches their self-image. A facelift is one solution to this problem. Anyone who is thinking about getting a facelift should invest some time in researching the procedure and learning about their options. Surgery always involves risks, and there may be non-surgical options to consider. However, surgery tends to provide longer-lasting and more dramatic results. If you’re considering the procedure, read on to learn what to know about getting a facelift.

1. A Facelift Isn’t A Complete Transformation

A facelift, or rhidectomy, is a procedure that removes excess skin to make the face look firmer and more youthful. However, it doesn’t change the underlying contour of the face. A patient’s jawline, nose, and eyes are not affected by a facelift, although tightening sagging skin can make the jawline more defined. Some patients combine a facelift with eyelid surgery to lift sagging eyelids and improve the appearance of their eyes, but the two procedures are distinct.

2. Recovery Can Take Six Weeks Or More

With any surgery, the body needs time to fully heal. After a facelift, patients typically experience swelling and redness that can take a week or more to go down. Stitches usually come out after one week, and most people are able to return to work and normal activities after two weeks. However, it can take six weeks or more for patients to fully recover and see their final results.

3. Not Everyone Is A Good Candidate For A Facelift

Certain types of patients are not considered good candidates for a facelift due to health risks or a poor likelihood of satisfying results. Smokers, for example, have a higher risk of complications from anesthesia than non-smokers. Health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and a history of stroke might also make a potential patient ineligible for cosmetic surgery. In terms of results, patients with pale, thin, loose skin will not get as much improvement from a facelift as patients with darker, thicker skin.

Patients who are deemed good candidates for a facelift can enjoy long-lasting results, often up to fifteen years. Many people opt to enhance their results by having additional procedures, such as rhinoplasty (a nose job), dermal fillers, and chin implants.

What Are the Benefits of Enhancing the Appearance of Your Eyes and Face?

Most people these days want to look younger than they are. When individuals understand the benefits of enhancing the appearance of your eyes and face, they will know whether or not they should pursue a procedure. There are many benefits to seeking cosmetic surgery for the face and eyes. With this information, individuals will better understand why they should consider a procedure.

What Are the Benefits?

There are many benefits to seeking eye and face surgery. These procedures are typically carried out under local or general anesthesia on an outpatient basis. The following are some of the biggest benefits of seeking a procedure.

  • One of the biggest benefits of these procedures is increased confidence. Many people struggle with a lack of confidence because the aging process is not always kind. Lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin make a person look much older than they actually are.
  • Another benefit of seeking this procedure is toned muscle. When the procedure is carried out, the muscle tone of the face is dramatically improved so this means less sagging and a firmer and more youthful appearance.
  • When someone goes through an eye procedure, they often receive the benefit of being able to see more clearly. When skin is sagging over the eyes, it can affect a person’s ability to see because the skin falls within the field of vision. When this is removed, seeing more clearly becomes easier.
  • Many people seek these procedures because there is not as much downtime as in the past. The recovery process is fairly easy and most people can go back to a somewhat normal routine within a few weeks.
  • People also seek these procedures because the results are lasting. When a person undergoes these procedures, they can keep the signs of aging at bay for several years.

Learn More Today

If you are interested in these procedures, the first step in the process is scheduling a consultation appointment with the surgeon. Being able to consult with the doctor allows individuals to ask questions and learn if they are a good candidate for cosmetic surgery. Call right away to schedule your appointment and get started.