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All You Need To Know About Contact Reflex Analysis (C.R.A)
The body is a complex system with many interconnections between organs, tissues, glands, vessels, and other components. Understanding how the body works require some special skills and knowledge. It is hard to explain to an ignorant person how the various processes in the body occur. What you must know is that the homeostatic function of the body must be maintained for proper function. It is essential to learn that there are reflex actions taken by the body to restore the normal functioning. However, it reaches a point when the organs, glands, and other body systems fail to coordinate to contain the situation. Such happens during sickness. Treatment methods can then become relevant when dealing with such. It is essential to learn that there are alternative treatments and diagnoses methods that are used today; thanks to the advances in technology. The contact reflex analysis is one such. This technique is unique and non-invasion. It is essential in analyzing the status of the body and telling its needs by testing particular reflex sequences. You need to know that Contact Reflex Analysis is not a method of diagnosing or treating any form of infection or disease.
This method of body analysis is simple and straight forward. It is also safe and effective in measuring the biofields of the body. Some of the things that can be measured by the Contact Reflex Analysis include energy levels, reflexes, various detox pathways, and quadrants. Through this technique, it is possible to tell an individual’s nutritional needs that are required by specific organs glands and even systems. Through this idea, it is possible to identify the root cause of a chronic health condition that a person has.?When conducting a muscle test on a person, the doctors will concentrate on touching the reflex points. Suppose there is an imbalance of energy in an organ or a gland, a person’s arms will then drop. A rhythmic pumping of the arms is then done; a process known as pulsing. Through pulsing, the professionals will tell the level of deficiency of the energy and the particular organs likely to be affected as well. ?It is also essential to know that the Contact Reflex Analysis can be used in eliminating and eradicating certain chronic conditions. It is wise to understand that it is not easy treating some chronic diseases and allergies through conventional methods because the root causes are rarely addressed. However, with the Contact Reflex Analysis, the professionals are able to tell the causes of allergies or other physical disorders.
It is necessary to learn that psychosomatic or emotional underlying factors could be the primary cause of allergies and other physical conditions. Once this is determined by the Contact Reflex Analysis, various techniques can then be applied in treating these conditions. For instance, the causes are based on emotional factors; then, the emotional freedom technique?can be used in dealing with the conditions. ?The other thing that you are supposed to know that the procedures used in analyzing the disease conditions are the same despite the named syndrome.

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