Find The Right Recovery Plan For You

In Florida, faith-based recovery programs teach new coping methods through the Bible. The scripture outlines a better way to live and let God help with problems. The counseling programs prevent patients from feeling alone and facing further problems with their addiction.

Flushing Out Harmful Substances

The detox process helps patients get a fresh start when fighting addiction. The process helps them regain the ability to think clearly without drugs or alcohol. The staff monitors patients closely when going through detox. For some, the process introduces life-threatening conditions, such as severe dehydration. The patients start counseling after all substances are out of the body.

Starting a New Path

Individual counseling helps patients learn to understand concepts, such as self-deception. The condition is common with addicts and makes them believe the addiction is under control. The patient believes as long as they don’t have more than a predetermined number of drinks the addiction isn’t severe. This isn’t true, and professional help is the only way to recovery.

Finding New Resolutions

The trauma that fuels the addiction helps the patient find their resolution. Counseling as an individual and in groups helps patients find better ways to cope with trauma and related issues. Patients use drugs or alcohol to cope with their feelings and trauma. Counselors introduce new ways through faith-based practices to cope and work through problems. The staff teaches how prayer and turning to God helps the patient more effectively.

Continue the Program After Rehab

All patients are encouraged to continue the program after they leave the rehab facility. It is necessary to follow the steps of the program to find a better way of life and avoid falling back into old patterns. Getting a sponsor helps the patient gain a friend who helps when the addiction is too strong.

In Florida, faith-based recovery is a way of following the teachings of Jesus Christ to fight addiction and start over. The staff teaches the scripture to patients and shows them how much God loves them. The plans introduce better ways to work through problems and avoid setbacks in the future. Patients who want to learn more about recovery visit right now.