Benefits of Rejuvenating Your Facial Skin Area With Surgery

While there is something to be said for aging with grace, that does not have to mean living with an unattractive appearance. Humans’ sense of self confidence is closely tied to the way the rest of the world sees them and changing from attractive to haggard can take a psychological toll. Fortunately, doctors are able to step in and provide solutions such as rejuventating your facial skin area through surgery. The finest plastic surgeons include neck lifts in facial procedures. They will repair underlying facial problems and improve the skin’s appearance.

The Best Doctors Include Neck Lifts in Facial Rejuvenation

The term, “face lift” suggests a procedure that improves facial features only. In fact, the finest plastic surgeons also rejuvenate patients’ neck areas. That is because the neck ages along with the facial skin and muscle. Simply improving the face and leaving a loose, old-looking neck would be unattractive. With that in mind, a complete procedure involves repairing areas under the skin and leaving the entire face/neck area looking years younger.

Surgery Can Re-sculpt Lost Muscle

During face and neck procedures top-notch surgeons do much more than just cut away saggy skin and then pull it tight over bone and tissue. They re-position underlying tissues and generally perform jowl liposuction as well as a lateral and central platysmaplasty. Surgeons pay close attention to creating the best possible facial shape. Only when they are satisfied do they carefully drape skin to achieve the most beautiful effect. Excess skin is then trimmed.

A Younger Appearance Boosts Self Esteem

While some people view facial rejuvenation procedures as pure vanity, the surgeries can improve patients’ sense of well-being. Over time the gradual loss of muscle tone, combined with drooping skin and the appearance of jowls, erodes self-confidence. These problems not only impact the self-esteem of older adults, they can appear in those who are middle-aged and still in the workforce. It can be hard for them to meet the public without confidence and a refreshed, attractive appearance. Plastic surgery provides these benefits in a very short time.

Today millions of people are having neck and face lifts that turn back the clock. The best surgeons carefully restore facial shapes and improve the neck and skin shape to reverse signs of aging and improve patients’ sense of well-being.