Things to Understand About Ozone Therapy in Alternative Medicine

Ozone Therapy uses this specific form of oxygen to help heal wounds and disease. Naturopathic doctors and other alternative healthcare practitioners use a specialized ozone generator to create the substance for their patients. One theory behind the use of this equipment is that many individuals do not have sufficient levels of oxygen in the body, which can cause health problems. Another reason for ozone therapy is to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi and other pathogens.

Ozone Creation

The generator creates ozone with an electric coil that converts ordinary oxygen to a three-molecule version, similar to that found in the upper layers of Earth’s atmosphere. Some people might recognize the connection between electricity and oxygen by remembering the odor of lightning in a storm. That odor occurs because lightning produces a large amount of ozone through the electrical charge.

Ozone and Harmful Microorganisms

Ozone is significantly more effective than chlorine at killing harmful microorganisms. It can kill larger numbers of bacteria in a much faster amount of time. This is why some grocery stores use ozone in their fresh produce departments. This is not the only reason naturopaths rely on ozone to heal some of their patients, however. The broad range of conditions that might be treated by increasing blood oxygen levels is remarkable.

Two Additional Effects

Ozone therapy is said to boost circulation, an effect that helps speed healing in body tissues by bringing additional oxygen and nutrients to where they are most needed. It also regulates the immune system response, boosting the activity of those cells when that effect is beneficial.

The Problem of Oxygen Deprivation

Why are some people oxygen deprived, even if they do not have a breathing disorder? One reason is air pollution and the toxins that people breathe in on a daily basis. Another is routine consumption of unhealthy food that requires extra oxygenation to metabolize. Even a sedentary lifestyle can lead to a compromised level of oxygen in the body. The body is healthiest when it engages in regular activity. One benefit is the increased deep breathing, bringing more oxygen into the body and sending out the unneeded gases.