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About Diamond Grinding Wheels

Diamond wheels are being classified as per concentration, shape, grit size and bond as well. These wheels are being used in different abrasive and grinding operations. Consequently, the wheels are widely used among the grinding machines. It is essential that you are using the correct grinding wheel regardless of the machining or grinding process.

And CBN and diamond grinding wheels are two of the most used grinding wheels in this modern time. These are available in different types including vitrified, electro-plated and resin. What is most used among the three is the resin type. In most cases, whenever there’s a tool room and production application, these are being used. Vitrified and metal types on the other hand are actually newer classification of bond types and they are designed to be used in specific application. Having said that, it is rare to see them and quite expensive to buy.

Moreover, these are customized to meet the needs and requirements of the customers. On the other hand, the electro plated wheels are usually found in cutoff wheels and has low demanding abrasive grinding similar to plastics.

It is essential that you learn about the varying types of diamond grinding wheels and their applications. The reason for this is the fact that, every type has specific application. Aside from that, if you fail to use the right wheel for your project, then it is going to compromise the result of your work. For this reason, before embarking on the grinding task, it is essential to determine the type of material that must be worked on and the kind of grinding wheel as well.

Both CBN and diamond grinding wheels have multiple processes as well as materials. As for diamond wheels, you’ll see them when working on carbides and for steels, it is CBN. In some cases though, there are other manufacturers that produce special kind of grit that may be used on steels as well as carbides.

The three kinds of diamond grinding wheels that can be bought in the market include cubic boron nitride or CBN, alumina zirconia and synthetic diamond. Among these types, it’s the latter that is deemed the hardest while alumina zirconia is the softest. When you are in the process of choosing a certain kind of wheel, there are important things that you have to take into consideration.

Figuring out how hard the item you are grinding is the most important thing. You have to take into account that when grinding steel or iron, CBN will work great and if the metal is non-ferrous and big amount of metal has to be removed, then synthetic diamond grinding wheel will work in your favor.

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